Friends of Hove Park Meeting Tuesday 21 January 2014


Present: Alan Moon, Jayne Bennett, Vanessa Brown, Claire Forrest, Roger Crouch, Nina Elliot-Newman, Sue Batey, Stephen Batey, Arthur Green, Richard Forrest, Gino Fox, Cathy Smith, Jacqui Rickman, Mark Stephenson, Caroline Wood


Apologies:  Charlie Yates, Colin Hancocks, Judy Fox,  Lloyd Ungoed



Alan thanked Gino for use of the cafe, Jayne for doing the last set of Minutes and everyone who turned up for the first work party on Saturday Jan 11th



If we want to raise money for projects we will need to become a properly constituted group.   Vanessa has agreed to be our Treasurer. Charlie has the constitution for Friends of Preston Park and we can hack this about to suit our own group.  Charlie to circulate this AP Charlie

We should have a look at a proposed constitution and give feedback BEFORE the next meeting


Update on Working Projects

Steps project Saturday 8 Feb 2014 13:00-15:00

It was agreed that along with the Step creation project that there be a tidy up (litter pick and cut back) near the Co-op/Legal and General and a tidy up of the bowling green area. Barry  Hughes to be contacted about this re  materials for steps and clear up AP Barry

Publicity to go up to advertise the clear up AP Nina – all to meet in front of the cafe.


Butterfly Mound – provisionally Sunday 9 March

Charlie sent word that work on putting in the chalk for the butterfly mound has been delayed so our work party date may have to be amended – Charlie to advise AP Charlie




At the moment there are three noticeboards. 

We would like eight noticeboards to be sited at entrances to Hove Park – refurbishment of the three existing noticeboards and noticeboards to go in at:

Three Cornered Copse, Bottom of Droveway, beside (not in) Children’s play area, Woodruffe Avenue and by the Goldstone.


It was indicated in the past that there may be a small amount of money available from the gardens (Hove Park) budget from financial year 2013/2014.

We need to know (1) how much (eight) new noticeboards would cost

                                 (2) how much money would be available from the Council

                                 (3) we could then get sponsorship to raise the rest of the funds


In the meantime as a temporary measure we will put up laminated posters on existing noticeboards to advertise work parties etc. Charlie is happy to copy and laminate posters and leave with Nina AP Charlie  We need a team to put up posters  AP Nina


We can also put up temporary sings to advise people about work in progress (butterfly mound).  Charlie had indicated that he would be happy to make some temporary signs AP Charlie







Alan and Nina have had a useful discussion with Tony, Chair of Friends of Preston Park, about an Easter Trail.


Alan wants to form a subcommittee to organised the Easter Egg trail –

Committee may be Alan, Jackie, Nina

There needs to be publicity material to put up on the noticeboards in the park and listings done on what’s on for Easter AP Easter Committee


The event will be based in front of the cafe.

There is to be a children’s painting competition, possibly based in the Bowls pavilion for which we will require someone to supervise tables, paper and crayons with prizes (a large Easter Egg) going to the best picture drawn by a boy and girl in various age groups. AP Easter Committee


There will also be a trail with wildlife/history of park questions for which we will require questions, temporary signs to put questions on, answer sheets, pencils for writing answers, someone to mark them and prizes AP Easter Committee


Hove Park Dog Walkers

Jacqui  Rickman of Hove Park Dog Walkers attended the meeting to enquire about better lighting throughout the park.  She was advised that she should approach the Council about this


Brighton in Bloom

Not discussed


Martlets Carnival

Not discussed


Bowls Green

The Bowls Pavilion is being marketed from Feb 2014.  It won’t necessarily go to the highest bidder.

The Council is keen for us to host events in the Bowls Pavilion in the short term e.g Easter Painting competition and talks.

Re talks there were suggestions such as Bats (talk and walk), Philippa Shaw (wild garden), Biosphere,

talk from RHS judge (Brighton in Bloom), Engineer who works on Engineerium etc


Neighbourhood Forum Development Plan

It was advised that Friends of Hove Park would be consulted if anything arose from this that affected Hove Park


Photography update – Stephen Batey

Stephen passed round the excellent photos he has taken in the park


Facebook set up

It was agreed to call the Facebook page “Hove Park” rather than “Friends of Hove Park” as people are more likely to search on Hove Park.  Nina will get the FB page set up AP Nina  

Gino will update Hove Park Cafe Facebook page to link in with our FB page AP Gino


Trip round Engineerium

Alan has spoken to Mike Holland who is happy to host a visit of FOHP to see the ongoing refurbishment at the Engineerium.  



It was suggested that we ask our local community Police Officer to our next meeting to advise us as to what is occurring in the local area – Arthur Green has links with him through Goldstone Residents Association AP Arthur Green


West Blatchington School has been in touch and is keen to have links with Hove Park.






Date of Next Meeting:  Tuesday  25 February 2014 19:00 Hove Park Cafe









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