Notes of Committee meeting 25/2/l4

Present: not recorded.


Community policeman Shaun attended & gave info. Temp replacement for Julie

Beat l4 - Dyke Road -> Neville Road -> George Vlth Avenue
Police (Shaun's) mobile no: 07775547664
Said about credit card/bank details scams
Gave out notice to put in car to say no valuables let there - general feeling was could
be counterproductive


Discussion & amendments to draft constitution

Annual subscription agreed at £3

AGM - early June

FOHP flowerbed - working with Barry


City in Bloom

Works in with a group flower bed
RHS looking for a possibly local group to sponsor


Butterfly mound
Only l vehicle & only 2 drivers
CW will deal with Edburtons. CW off next week, trying to get mound in week after.
May take 2 years to look good
Have endless supply of plugs
End March for planting?


£800 (up to £1,200)
Brian agrees to 4, will pay for l
Get money for another 2-3. Can get grants. Sponsorship not allowed


Easter Trail Mon 2| Apr
Use cafe forecourt
Have 2 banners week before at cafe
Get into What's on in Brighton
Have leaflet - l0-l2 clues to direct around the park


Work party

Tidy at bottom of Droveway - March?
Steps - leave for the moment.


Martlets Carnival

Meeting with Robert Griffiths of Martlets. Requires volunteers for Mon 26 May (BH)
Next committee meeting: Tues Mar 25


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