Tuesday 26th March 2014



1. Constitution to sign


2. Butterfly mound and flowerbed update


3. In Your Neighbourhood entry update


4. Easter trail update


5. Hyde development feedback


6. AOB




I've used the agenda as a framework, but followed the order of discussion to construct the minutes. Note - no minutes were taken, and this is based on my (Stephen Batey's) notes, and written up 6 months later.


There is no record of who was present. Certainly present would have been:

Stephen Batey, Sue Batey, Alan Moon, Nina Elliot-Newman

1. Constitution to sign

The three signatories will meet at Barclays in George Street to sign and open account.

2. Butterfly mound and flowerbed update

Midday at the mound on 5th April for planting.

Paling will be put round; installed after the 5th and a temporary notice board will go in.


Uckfield Wood Mill (sic - this is what's in my notes).

Charlie is making a learning table for children. Placed in chair area. Learning table is a bench to sit on and share. Big thick oak with carvings. Possibly to be in shade at height of the day but in a good light. Probably opening in June or possibly later.



Possible speaker on Biosphere for AGM.


Evening/moth nights

Moth nights need powerful lamps and may annoy locals. Needs a generator, so noise.



Mention coming events.



This is to be in the shape of a butterfly. Has now been dug. FoHP will help maintain it. Will have a fence round it. Temporary fence round it at the moment.

3. In Your Neighbourhood entry update

I have no record that this topic was discussed. What took its place follows.


South East in Bloom

30th June - 18th July is the judging - applies to whole park not just FoHP flowerbed.


FoHP have to raise money for the plants. Barry goes to Sarah at Stanmer Park who can get them at a cut rate. Cost estimated at £100. May be able to get a grant; Nina will apply to council when constitution signed etc.


Trees. Special Branch (company in Stanmer) grow from seeds. Can possibly get free trees - possibly fruit trees.

Neil Brothers is person to speak to about street trees 077 95 33 55 56

4. Easter trail update

This will be from 11am to 2pm.

We will have 2 tables, and possibly a gazebo. We may possibly have a banner - this has been sponsored. Judy Fox has prepared a news sheet. Have eggs and some clues.


Stuck on graphic design; arguably need printing help. Looking for a generic banner. Offer received from a running group who runs a printing company. Advertised with boards at cafe, banner ditto and posters. Publicised in park two weeks beforehand.


Will have letter boards at each location, and will then have to anagram the letters to give the word that is the solution.


Looking for ideas to raise small amounts of cash.


Charge for first year of trail - 50p.


Photos for display boards on stand. What is required?


CY will print trail leaflets.


Newsletter - two sided A4 sheet to hand out on the day.

5. Hyde development (One Hove Park) feedback

Part of planning requirements is £180,000 to be spent in Hove Park and Hove Recreation Ground for recreational purposes.


Will need a plan for what to spend it on.


The City Park development paid for the playground.


Possible playground refurbishment; new sports equipment. There is an issue of maintenance costs.

6. AOB

Bowls Pavilion.

14 parties enquired - mainly sporting. Decision possibly in two months.


Small events

CY said look for small events. Plug planting is partly to involve and meet people.


Project at bottom of Droveway.

This is the area around the railway and cutting back on the left.


Next project

Possibly 3rd May (Saturday) for next Project


Next Meeting

8th April

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