AGENDA    MONDAY 12TH MAY 2014
           • Martletts Carnival
           • In Your Neighbourhood Competition
           • Noticeboard(s)
           • Newsletter updates
           • AGM date
           • Next working project date
           • Butterfly shaped bed update
           • Signage for the wildflower mound
           • Friends ‘uniform’
           • AOB

Notes of the meeting


Minutes of meeting held on Monday 12th May 2014. Although the agenda was broadly followed, many topics were addressed out of sequence. I have rearranged the chronological sequence of discussions to fit the agenda.


Present: Nina, Roger, Alan, Jayne, Lloyd, Barry, Jackie, Sue, Stephen, Gino.


Apologies for absence from: Arthur, Richard, Carolyn, Mark, Cathy, Charlie


Thanks were extended to Gino for both attending and allowing the cafe as the venue.

1. Martlets Carnival

Friends of Hove Park will have a stand which Charlie will provide. Judy will produce a news letter and Stephen will provide a photographic display as before as long as boards provided by Charlie. Alan is looking for volunteers in the morning to help the Martlets set up stands and direct stallholders to their spots. He will email members. Only 4 people are needed to man the stand. Looking for people to fill 1 hour slots. Setup starts at 9am. The purpose of the stand is to drum up members - email addresses to be taken. May also take membership out at the stand and pay.


It was reported that Caroline and Mark are happy to help and Lloyd can help out for an hour. Alan will arrive at 9am.


Barry has the rubbish collection organised.


Barry said there is a big problem with posts and chestnut poling. Some of the existing ones have been taken or aren't fit to be used and replacements will need purchasing.

2. In Your Neighbourhood Competition

We are not entering this year. We have been accepted for Level 1 and will enter next year. The level 1 award will be given for this year.

3. Noticeboards

Deferred for discussion until Charlie present.

4. Newsletter updates

Looking for articles for the newsletter, plus photos. It will be used to advertise events.

5. AGM date

Set for Tuesday 8th July. It is anticipated that everyone will be emailed prior to the AGM.

6. Next working project date

No date was set for any weekend project work but Barry said there are a lot of general gardening tasks for which he'd welcome assistance but this would have to be during the week when staff are available. The pleasure garden in particular needs work.


The park may lose Green Flag status next year due to work not being done because of cut backs and people off sick. The grass in the park is not getting regularly cut. The current tractors cause back problems and there are currently two tractor drivers down.


It was agreed to set up a regular gardening group, on the second Tuesday and fourth Friday in the month, meeting at 1pm by the cafe. Barry had to leave the meeting at this point so details will be finalised at the meeting about the butterfly bed planting.

7. Butterfly shaped bed update

The planting has been discussed by Nina and Sue. It will be finalised at a meeting on Friday (16th) between Barry, Alan and Sue.

8. Signage for the wildflower mound

Item deferred until Charlie present. Charlie has advised that this is taking longer than planned. Needs a redesigned post for a professionally printed sign. It has been decided to rename to "wildflower" rather than "butterfly" mound to avoid confusion with the butterfly bed. Photos of wildflower mound progress to go on noticeboards replacing photos of planting day.

9. Friends ‘uniform’

It was suggested that members could wear special gilets for identification while working in the park. It was decided not to proceed with this at present. Other ideas were a badge or armband.

10. AOB

Next meeting - to be arranged possibly the 16th or 23rd June.


Other events - possibilities include a bat evening or a tree trail. The latter could involve a competition e.g. supply a tree outline for colouring in. The entries could be scanned and placed on Facebook for two way communication.


Engineerium - there is an invitation from Mike Holland to tour as a group which will be arranged for later in the summer when more of the building work has been completed.


Easter Egg Hunt - this was a great success. Many people turned up to help. 164 people did the trail and £116 collected. There were two donations -  £50 from Mike Holland and £200 from Legal and General.


Branding - someone needs to come up with a logo. Lloyd suggested a butterfly. Gino will prepare a few designs.


Schools - we need to have someone to liaise with schools.


Bowls Pavilion. Possible uses are yoga for the pavilion and five a side football for the outside with a 3D AstroTurf pitch.

12. Points agreed

AGM to be held on Tuesday 8th July

13. Actions in hand

Gino to prepare brand logo samples (GF)

14. Points still to be decided

Venue for AGM

Schools liaison

Tour of Engineerium

Date of next meeting


The meeting ended with some members sprinkling poppy seeds around the base of the wildflower mound.

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