Notes of meeting held on Monday 23rd June 2014.



Present: Nina, Roger, Alan, Lloyd, Jackie, Sue, Stephen, Gino.


Apologies for absence from: Mark, Caroline, Arthur, Vanessa, Jayne, Charlie.


Thanks were extended to Gino for both attending and allowing the cafe as the venue.

1. Wildflower bank and butterfly bed

Alan had a meeting with Charlie. There will eventually be a permanent fence around the wildflower mound. For both the mound and the bed, a plaque will be needed. This will be A3 sized, landscape format and designs are requested/needed.


People will be taken up to Stanmer to get plants for the butterfly bed.


There was some confusion over whether the  park gardeners would water the mound/bed.

2. Info/display boards

We need to raise money for boards. They cost £600-700 each. The question was raised of modelling the content after St Ann's Well Gardens. Gino will approach the council since they have £160,000 to spend on capital equipment in Hove Park and the recreation ground.

3. Gardening

Sue made a list of workdays, placed on noticeboards. The gardeners were appreciative of help. The start time should be altered to fit Clive's lunchtime (at the moment it starts half way into his lunch hour).

4. Noticeboards

Stephen has sourced another 4 keys for the existing boards, so we now have 5. One will be returned to Nina.

5. Stag mansion

Saturday 26th July will see a stag mansion placed near the Droveway on the Nevill Road side of the park.

6. In bloom

This may give an opportunity to link up with other friends groups.

7. What do we want to achieve?

Ideas needed.

8. Carnival next year

Rangers will shard gazebo with us, plus Brighton in Bloom. It was decided to sell plants, which FOHP will possibly raise from seed. Other ideas - give children a homemade paper pot (or similar) with soil and a seed as a growing competition. Denise from Brighton in Bloom ready to help.


Possibly see if the gardeners would field a representative for a gardener's question time.


Also will repeat the Easter Eggs trail next year.

9. AGM date

Changed to Tuesday 7th October to avoid holidays. Laminated posters should be obtained to affix to trees etc. Nina will speak to Waitrose manager to see if their meeting room can be used.

10. Halloween

Gino has a Halloween party at the cafe, starting at 4:30. Attendances can be high, depending on the weather. Gino is happy to have this added as a FOHP event, and make a 50p charge for funds.

11. Skills needed

Design, admin, fundraising skills needed.

12. In Our Neighbourhood

Entering means we have access to RHS speakers. On speakers generally, we need a program of talks.

13. Next committee meeting

Tuesday September 9th to leave the summer free.

14 Website

FOHP now has a website under construction by Stephen and Sue. Details emailed to those present at this meeting. Suggestions/extra links requested, plus comments on overall design. Together with the website, we have a Friends of Hove Park domain name and associated email addresses.



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