Notes of meeting held on 9th September 2014


Present: Vanessa, Sue, Stephen, Lloyd, Alan, Gino, Nina

Apologies for absence received from: Arthur Green, Roger Crouch, Jayne, Jackie


Thanks given to Gino for providing the venue.


1. Wildflower mound


This is coming on.


Charlie says that we should do nothing to the mound. Sue asked whether (as usually happens) the mound should be cut back. Charlie will be asked if this is to be done.


We may be able to fill in the gaps with plugs from Stanmer(?) nursery


2. Butterfly bed


Legal and General have contributed to the costs. Alan has asked Charlie to make a plinth. We may have to supply our own laminated notice saying that the bed is sponsored by Legal and General, and maintained by the Friends of Hove Park.


The bed must be made more maintenance free. The current shape is too onerous to maintain, and will probably be replaced by a simple oval. Alan has spoken to Barry about this.


The bed will be planned in the new year. Barry has some bulbs and asked if we would like them. We must decide soon if the bulbs are to be put in - Alan will speak to Barry.


3. Park Ranger


Charlie is definitely leaving. He has promised to attend the AGM and bring along his replacement (if there is one).


4. Martlets Carnival and next year's events


Charlie says that the rangers will provide a gazebo for the carnival next year. We are thinking of doing another Easter Egg Trail. Possibly also sell plants at the carnival.


Easter is early next year, so planning has to take account of this.


5. Bowls Pavilion


Gino reported that the potential let has fallen through because the council's terms made it financially unviable for the intended use. It is now back to square one with no known taker. The council gives different lengths of lease to park properties than to those on the seafront.


6. 106 money


From 1 Hove Park. Deborah May at the council said that the money should be available in December 2014. Hyde want the money to help the community. The council decides where the money goes, but Hyde has input to this process. A pavilion for the tennis club to store equipment in may not be seen as a help for the community at large. Hyde want their residents to have access to whatever the money pays for. Nina suggested meeting Hyde.


From the school. This money has to be used for Hove Park and Hove Recreation Ground. Some part of it has been earmarked for road improvements. Alan asked Gino to keep an eye on the money and make sure that it's known that FOHP are interested.


£180,000 is the sum involved.


Playground equipment would be a priority.


7. Wish List to spend money on


Alan suggested creating a wish list for things to spend the money on.


Lloyd spoke to Jo (gardener) who suggested replacing some tress. The Woodland Trust can help with trees, but require council signatures before going ahead.


Alan suggested three display boards and several lecterns to hold interpretative information around the park.


There will be another meeting to compile a wish list.


Ball park figures of costs will be required.


8. Web site


No additional progress, although there are new photos that can be added. Ideas for development welcomed.


9. The gardener's site


Having lost the ground to the school, the gardeners now have a temporary spot near Sainsburys. The school is intended to be open to receive the first intake in September this year.


10. AGM 7th October, 7pm


Waitrose only uses its facilities for internal meetings. It may be possible to use the bowls pavilion for our AGM, but it may need some cleaning as it appears to have suffered from a leaking roof.


Gino will ask the park gardeners for a look round. Gino offered to take care of the cleaning if we can use it; and to find out if we can use it.


The AGM needs to be promoted, with posters (designed by Nina and printed by Charlie) put up. Nina will be on holiday after next Friday, so everything needs to be finalised before that.


We may be able to advertise through the Hove Park Railway and the Saturday Fun Run in the park.


Alan brought along a number of Hove Park News sheets and asked people to take some, and, when the venue has been confirmed, to write it in and distribute the sheets.


We decided to have a speaker to provide an attraction, but must ensure that they know it's likely to be a small audience. The RHS and the Biosphere were suggested.  Lloyd suggested trying Charlie to have a presentation by the rangers. Nina will contact Charlie.


We need a buzzword to put on the poster.


We may be able to advertise with the Hove Park Railway and the Saturday Fun Run in the park.


11. AGM agenda


We will have a speaker.


We will make a request for volunteers with specific skills.


We will have another meeting on Tuesday 16th at 10am at the cafe to discuss the AGM agenda.


12. Halloween


Gino always has a Halloween event, which is well attended. Happy to use this as a fundraiser. Possibly have a stand there and talk to people. Starts around 4:30-5, ends at 7 on 31st October.


13. Hove Park Living


This is a new free monthly magazine distributed in the area bounded by Dyke Road, the Old Shoreham Road, Nevil Road and King George VI Avenue. Friends of Hove Park will have an article in the October issue, and have been offered a regular spot. The article has been written. Additionally, a set of photos of the Great Gale, since October is the month in which it happened, have been submitted for a feature.


14. Other matters


Waitrose Community Matters. If we can get in on this, it's publicity as well as money. An information pack has been obtained.


Britain in Bloom wants to get some sort of communication going between all groups in the area, but this must come through the council. Pete West is the second in command at the council for parks and roads.


Gardening. We need to know from Barry what other specific projects he has in mind, so that they could be added to the agenda. I don't know who is going to ask him.


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