Notes of meeting held on 16th September 2014 to discuss agenda for AGM


Present: Lloyd, Alan, Nina, Gino, Sue, Stephen


AGM Agenda


Stephen presented a draft agenda.  (see below).


Any Other Business will be added to the draft agenda. To keep the AGM short, it will be suggested that feedback on what people would like in the park will be discussed at a meet up in the cafe for an ideas session.


Chairman's report section.

Need to check to see if the Bug Hotel project was done.

Things done: add City in Bloom and park visits to things achieved.


Treasurer's report.

We currently have £350.


There is still an attempt being made to get an umbrella organisation representing all groups in the city. The council wants this to happen, but nothing is happening about it.


Raising money via sponsorship - we need to be very specific about what the money is for. We need to have someone to take charge of this.



Nina presented a poster design.



The Bowls Pavilion only needs a dust and a clean. Barry is on holiday this week and has the keys, so another meeting will be arranged with him to inspect the pavilion, to be held on 24th September at the pavilion.



There will be a talk at the AGM, Charlie will be asked.


Brian Mann

Make sure that he knows about the AGM. We need to have someone from parks present.

Future events

Various organisations are happy to put on a show at no cost. Nina had a free beer tasting at a family barbeque; a Father's Day Barbeque centred on the cafe is a possibility.


The butterfly bed needs a sign put up.


Shelley Signs. An interpretation board for an A3 sign will cost £580. Illustrating the board will be a problem as we must have the copyright (or presumably permission to use? No comment made on this).



Sue mentioned the example given by West Blatchington Windmill, where all the tasks currently carried out by a retiring member were detailed. Spelling out in detail what's needed when asking for volunteers is the best way.


We need:


Someone to take charge of tenders and bids for fundraising.

Fund raising itself.

Events - Alan is happy to do this; Nina can provide some equipment. Lloyd however has many commitments (he has a background in health care).

Graphic design. Needs to have Adobe Creative Suite. Just need skills to point in the right direction. It's said that there are many graphic designers living in the Hove Park area.


We need to show what needs to be done; and what is needed to achieve this.



We need a set of projects from Barry - must pin him down.

Replacement trees could be a project. Trees are free from the Woodland Trust, but we need to have Barry OK this.


Plan for the park. Is anyone looking at it?


Alan can communicate with the council after the AGM, when he knows what our resources are.


Future committee

Chair - Alan

Vice chair - Nina

Treasurer - Vanessa, if she will agree

Tenders/bids - Gino

Secretary - Gino will contact Ruth

Website - Stephen


Agenda suggested by Stephen


AGM agenda


Apologies for absence


Minutes of previous AGM, acceptance of. Were there any? I can't a copy.


Chairman's report - summary of progress since last AGM (if anyone new turns up).

            1st work party held

            Easter Egg Trail

            Martlett's Carnival

            Gardening Group formed

            Wildflower and butterfly beds

            Facebook and web sites

            Article in Hove Park Living


Treasurer's (Financial) report


Work parties/gardening group report

             what has been achieved, what is to be done. Needs info from Barry. May drum up new volunteers.


Ranger update - farewell to Charlie


Request for skills.

            Specify the skills needed and why.


Collect subscriptions, possibly preceded by decision as to amount.


Election of committee. Specific posts (from constitution):


            Vice chair

            Secretary (deals with minutes, membership enquiries, mail shots)


            Up to 7 others. Note that a quorum for committee meetings is 6, so we need at least  that         number

All must have a proposer and seconder. This may make it difficult for any new people to be immediately elected.


Current activities suggest to me that we need a publicity officer on the committee. Whether on the committee or not, we need  people to stick up (and take down) posters; put things on noticeboards.




Vote of thanks and conclusion - date of next AGM.


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