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Minutes of meeting held on 18th November 2014


The meeting was held in the Hove Park cafe.


Present: Alan Moon, Sue Batey, Stephen Batey, Vanessa Brown, Jackie, Lloyd Ungoed, Mark Davies, Gino Fox, Nina Elliot-Newman.


Apologies for absence received from Mike Gibson, Cathy Riley, Jayne Bennett, Caroline Wood, Mark Stephenson, Trea Martyn, Cathy Smith


Opening remarks

Alan (AM) stated that the meeting would be kept to one hour, and that he would not be following the agenda. The minutes have been arranged by topic rather than chronologically for clarity.



AM had met Barrie Hughes (BH), who was despondent about the cutbacks. BH wants to work with the Friends next year. There was talk of removing all the beds in Hove Park. BH said that he would like to be able to go back to Brian Mann and say that the Friends would take over weeding the beds.


Organisation was important - the gardeners should supply tools & bags to hold the refuse so it would be important to liaise with BH.


Gino (GF) suggested perhaps we should contact agricultural colleges. He also suggested Groundworks in Brighton whom he will contact.


We need to know if we are on our own or not.


Gardening group

No gardener turned up for the last 3 gardening sessions - in one case three volunteers turned up only to discover that all the gardeners had been called to a meeting. Sue queried about the remaining sessions this year & was requested to phone BH for clarification.



There has been no information as to whether Charlie Yates (CY) will be replaced as a ranger. Vanessa will check the position. Mark (MD) will ask the Three Cornered Copse ranger, Garry Meyer, at their workday on Saturday if he has been assigned to Hove Park



Subscriptions were collected from those present. Stephen asked about collection from others where we only have an email address. It was stated  that people wouldn't pay via on line methods, and Gino offered to let the cafe be used for payments. People should bring in the money with their name and address & envelope marked Friends of Hove Park and a receipt will be sent.


Notice boards & plaques

The temporary panel on the wildflower mound has lost the information and begun to decay. CY was going to put up a sign for the butterfly bed. It was agreed that Sue and Stephen would meanwhile put up temporary notices. Nina to e-mail Stephen (SB) with the artwork she'd sent to CY as this could be used.


106 money and sponsorship

GF spoke to Deborah May and learned that the money from Hyde Development will not be available this year. The Park Strategy is currently being written by the council. Deborah said that we should keep in contact, and they were aware that the park equipment was a priority. Plaques and boards should not be a problem, and they are happy to work with us.


Community funding - all used up. They may not have small grants next year, and it might be worth seeing if our ranger can access the grant finder to see if there is any other money we can access.


At the last AGM, CY gave a web site to look at for available grants.


Mark said that the Friends of the Three Cornered Copse had found it easy to obtain two separate grants of £1,000 from the Hedgecock bequest. All that was needed was a letter with required information.


Wish list

We need to create a list of what we want money for, arrange who takes care of the item, and obtain pricing.


Lloyd suggested electronic communication to speed up the discussion. SB suggested adding a section to the members' area on the FoHP web site where comments can be left to create an interactive discussion.


CY's new business can supply benches, and the Friends of the Three Cornered Copse are investigating these.


The question was raised as to whether we needed someone from the council who could veto ideas as being non starters.


Easter Egg Trail

This will be held again on Easter Monday 6th April. Possibly a sub committee will be set up to deal with the arrangements.


It should be easier because we've done it before, but there is no one now to make the boards for us. CY collected the boards rather than made them, so they should be available from somewhere.


The trail was seen to be useful for promoting FoHP.


Martlets carnival

We will have a stand again. BH says that the gazebo should be available. City in Bloom would like to be a part of our stand.


Possibly we can raise funds to buy plants to sell and also supply pots with sunflower seeds in for children to grow. Lloyd asked if Stanmer Park could help with plants, but this is now a commercial setup so we would have to buy from them.


Projects for next year

AM stated that our project for next year would be weeding the beds.


It was said that we do not have enough people to make projects viable e.g "bug hotel" was cancelled because no-one turned up.


Wildflower mound

This came under the rangers rather than the gardeners. Lloyd said that from feedback he had received it was a popular feature.


Butterfly bed

AM found the intricate shape of the bed too time consuming to keep clipped, and has spoken to BH about having the bed reshaped as a circle or oval. Some thought that this was too drastic, and simply eliminating some the shaping that was not actually on the original plan would be enough. In any event, the bed will be retained.


Other events

AM was impressed by an outdoor sculpture park while on holiday and thought Hove Park would be a good location for something similar. Security could be an issue if art works left out in the park. Possibly arrange something in conjunction with Open Houses, perhaps just for one day so artists could guard their own works. Too late for 2015, possibility for 2016.


Website and Hove Park Living

AM thanked SB for the work on the web site and the Hove Park Living articles. An update wasn't given due to lack of time.



SB asked whether the Facebook page was being maintained. Nina said she lacked time, and asked for volunteers to take it up.


SB asked what happened to the Engineerium visit suggested at an earlier meeting - AM said he wanted to ensure there were sufficient people for a visit before contacting Mike Holland.


MD raised issue of the new school on the former depot site. It was agreed parking would be an issue. Concern was raised that people would drive over the park to get there, as well as parking in the park. Vanessa said that British Military Fitness who used to park in the park now parked on the road so as not to set a precedent for using Hove Park as a car park.


Date of next meeting: 20th January 2015.


Post meeting notes:

Garry Meyer has confirmed he is now the Hove Park Ranger in additional to his other duties


SB added section to website for wish list discussion and all members have been sent the password to gain access to the members' area.


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