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Wildflower Mound & Butterfly Bed

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Date of next meeting


Minutes for FoHP meeting held on 20th January 2015


The meeting was held in the Hove Park cafe.


Present: Stephen Batey, Sue Batey, Nina Elliot-Newman, Gino Fox, Alan Moon, Vanessa Brown, Jackie, Mark Davies, Arthur Green.


Apologies for absence: Mike Gibson, Kim Sinclair, Caroline Wood, Richard Forrest.


Not present:

Barrie Hughes is very busy at present. AM and SEB will meet him about gardening in a couple of weeks.

Garry Meyer. AM has met him, and will meet him again.


106 Money Bid

Rob Dumbrell should be invited to a meeting. No money will be available until the first occupant moves in - expected in  March. RD will want to see what we want.


NEN has pricing and plaque sample. We need to have concrete ideas.


SEB asked what was happening about the Hove Park Management Plan.


VB said that the council was reviewing listed buildings and parks, and Hove Park is now on the list. "Heritage Park" has a good sound to it.


Brian Mann says we can have 3 notice boards and 4 information boards.


AM and GF will attempt to meet RD.


Easter Egg Trail

Garry Meyer will back us, and hopes to be there on the day. We can ask him for anything we want, but he can't do all that Charlie did, as he has too many other commitments.


Judy Fox, Nina and Alan will form the committee. Judy will do a newsletter, hopefully in time for the trail.


AM will find out about the boards, NEN will forward photos to AM to give him an idea of what to look for.


The format and cost (50p) will be the same as last year.


We will need posters with which to cover the park.

Martlets Carnival

GM and the rangers are happy to share a stand, as are probably City in Bloom. AM said about possibly growing plants. SEB said she was happy to try to grow some.


We will sell sunflowers in a pot - please save small (approx 3") pots. We will put the compost in at the stand and supply a sunflower seed. SEB passed round two packets of sunflower seed Teddy Bear and Giant Smile, which are varieties popular with children. 2015 has been designated the Year  of the Sunflower by the horticultural trade.


We will need to have compost and we will need volunteers on the day.

Gardening Group

Query about Thursday this week. SEB will turn up and probably just do the FoHP bed, as Barrie may not be expecting anyone. Thursdays seem to be best for the twice monthly sessions. These days have been set for the spring, and will be reconsidered if more people turn up.


Most wallflowers in the flagpole bed are looking OK, but some at the front of the bed have been broken.


We need to check with Garry re Saturday work party.

Other events

AM met Steve Ford of Phoenix Athletics. He is employed by Friday Ad, part of Friday Media Group, and is working on charitable money coming his way. He wanted to lay a running trail with compounded wood in the park, and then talked about lighting. He thinks he could get green lighting on path around the park, which would  aid evening and early morning use of the park. SF will work on this idea and will come back to us about whether it is possible. SEB said that we would need to consider environmental effects e.g. green as well as white lights can affect bats.


Lucy Small from Friends of Stoneham Park contacted us. They held an event at Hove Lagoon last year for families and have applied to council to use Hove Park this year, making use of the Woodland Drive end of the park. It will be mainly for children, with a big top, arts and crafts and entertainment throughout the day. It will be ticketed, and as a result of this, the council charge a large sum, but LS is confident that they can do it. They are awaiting approval from the council. They will leave the park as they found it.


SEB said this was just after the Martlets carnival, and queried if this is a problem. People thought that it wasn't.


They will let us have a presence there if it goes ahead.


LS has arts contacts so AM will contact the council re art event, using local artists. Security is a problem if objects are left overnight. It was pointed out that last year's Safe House was a one night event, so a one day event could be possible. We will look into doing an event.


One idea was a trail that led through the park and up the Three Cornered Copse.

Wildflower Mound & Butterfly Bed

Wildflower mound.

SEB/SMB have put up a temporary notice, derived from a photograph of the original one placed there. This is not the one that later replaced it. NEN has info for a proper plaque. We may put in more seeds - talk to BH and GM.


The entire lectern is to be replaced with an A3 board with an enamel finish plaque. NEN has list of all the plants originally there. The current lectern is larger than A3, and NEN will get quote for larger than A3 sizes.


Butterfly bed.

SEB/SMB have put in a temporary notice. SEB likes the low position. It was suggested that to make future maintenance easier that the shape should be simplified, and possibly the edges could be delineated. Possibilities are to be discussed with BH. It was suggested that we should delineate just inside the bed.


BM says we can have 3 notice boards and 4 information boards.

In Your Neighbourhood (part of Britain in Bloom)
Jackie has filled in application form. We fit criteria. Good in eyes of council, BH etc. AM will report back on what we have to do when he has news.


Any other Business
Park security

VB was informed the night that the travellers arrived. VB and JB arrived 8:30. The travellers already had Christmas trees with lights set up. They were moved on quickly by the police after pressure from VB and also because of the fun run and football. They then moved to Preston Park.


We are hoping that quick removal means that they won't come back. The gate to the park is almost always open.

Web site

SMB reported charges would need to be payable soon, and queried about continuing. There was agreement to keep the web site. NEN suggested looking for grants to cover costs, and paying professional designer to design, build and maintain site.

Bowls Pavilion

This has been provisionally let to a gym on a 10 year let, and they will have the grounds as well. They should move in in March. BH is clearing up the gardens.


Date of next meeting

Wednesday 25th Feb. Cafe. 7pm. 1 hour duration.



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