Minutes for FoHP meeting held on 17th March 2015


The meeting was held in the Hove Park cafe.


Present: Sue Batey, Gino Fox, Alan Moon, Jackie Beecham, Lloyd Ungoed, Mark Davies, Nina Elliot-Newman

Apologies for absence: Vanessa Brown, Arthur Green, Garry Meyer, Ruth Baxendale, Stephen Batey

Approval of Minutes of the last meeting 25.02.15

The minutes were approved.

Easter Egg Trail

Poster produced. Judy has got Waitrose to agree to print required number & get them laminated.

Nina & Judy have sorted a new set of clues.

Boards for the clues not yet been located. Alan phoned Charlie who reckoned they were probably in the pig barn in Stanmer Park. Banner also probably there. Alan/Charlie pursuing.

Judy producing newsletter to give out on the day. Would like a different picture for the front cover - Stephen requested to send her photos.

Gino could ask suppliers for creme eggs. Alan said he had money for 200 eggs. Gino said he could sell any left over.

Discussion about display boards. Decided sensible to purchase our own as would be needed for various events. Sue said seen one that seemed suitable on internet for £66 + VAT. Gino said there was just about space to store at back of cafe. Sue agreed to find details & circulate, then order if others thought suitable.


Action: Stephen to send jpegs of picture options for front cover of newsletter to Judy

Action: Stephen to provide photos for display

Action: Sue to circulate size(s) of possible tabletop display boards & order if agreed to be suitable

Action: Jackie to provide form/book etc. for people who want to join e-mail list or become members

Action: Alan to pursue boards for clues & banner

Action: Alan to provide a table

Action: Gino to ask suppliers for 200 creme eggs

Action: Gino to get event in free listings - website, Argus Guide etc.

Action: Gino to provide a float

Action: Nina to provide feedback e-mail to Stephen for incorporation in article for free magazines (AdvertiserLocal deadline 5 April but may be able to extend to 7 April , Hove Park Living deadline 15 April)

Action: Anyone e-mail photo(s) of event to Stephen to send to Argus community page or send it themselves & inform Stephen

Hove Carnival Monday 25th May

Having stand as described at previous meetings. Discuss details at next meeting

Can collect for FOHP - have list of possible projects for which the money could be used.

Art Festival

People elsewhere keen on idea. Otherwise nothing to report.

Gino & Alan will report back when further news

106 Money bid

Gino said requests & costings should be sent to Rob Dumbrell soon.

Nina provided sheet with prices for plaques.

Alan & Gino will meet to discuss ideas.


Action: Gino & Alan to progress our bid

Gardening Update

Sue, after discussion with Barrie, has planted a few 'wild' cyclamen (cyclamen hederifolium) under trees near climbing boulder & gym equipment.

Otherwise gardening sessions have been mostly weeding.


Flagpole bed - Sue reported Barrie happy for us to take it on. No action needed at present. Replant with specimen shrubs etc. when wallflowers finished.

Butterfly Bed

Sue said about providing material to form a permanent edge to bed & showed fence offcut which could be suitable. For this would need to purchase boards & cut up. Lloyd suggested using flexible plastic edging for simplicity.

Sue said antennae could be returned to grass or replaced with hard material such as pavers.

Sue reported Barrie said the gardeners could then strim the area, if not Sue said she could.


Action: Sue to investigate & progress suitable option.

Any other Business

Toilets - council looking at ways to save money. May be closed from October to April. Might be put out to private tender.


Wildflower Mound - No action at present. Wait & see what comes up & then take appropriate action.


Noticeboards - Mark contacted Charlie who said he'd made the boards & they were ready to be fitted. Mark then contacted Garry who reported back that one board was smashed & the other missing. Garry has started new boards out of oak. Note: Name needs to be wildflower mound not butterfly mound to avoid confusion.


Concern about parking issues. Mark suggested asking for 106 money for parking control signs.


The Droveway - Waitrose interested in helping sort the area bordering their premises. Could have a work session with FOHP & Waitrose volunteers. Would need input from the gardeners. The land belongs to the Council not Waitrose.

Action: Alan & Sue to look at area to see what needs doing


Bowls Pavilion - Gino reported Riptide are now taking pavilion & outside area over for gym purposes. Takeover expected in May.


Date of next meeting

Tuesday 14th April at 7.00 pm at the cafe.

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