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Crocus planting for purple4polio campaign


The planting took place on Friday 28th October in lovely autumnal weather. So many people turned up to help that all 5,000 corms were planted in less than an hour, and some people arrived too late to take part! Look out for the colourful splash of purple early next year.


Removal of the butterfly bed


The bed has been cleared of plants and levelled by the gardeners and now returned to grass.


Martlets Carnival 2015


The weather was better than last year. Here's our stand (still being finished) just before the carnival opened.


Wildflower mound planting

The planting commenced at 11am on Saturday, as did the rain. By midday everyone was soaked and even the mobile generator which was needed to erect the new sign wasn't working due to the wet conditions. The Friends followed the example of the generator and also stopped work. Some more plants have been inserted since (I'm typing this on Wednesday) and more should be in later this week.



Making a hole in the chalk bank to insert the plug requires a certain amount of effort (and a strong metal pole).



Before putting in the new sign board, the old one had to be removed. 



The fencing around the mound was completed today (Wednesday 13th May).


Foxglove tree


The foxglove tree in the children's playground is now showing its characterisitc foxglove flowers.


Our new ranger

Our new park ranger is Garry Meyer, who is the ranger for the adjoining Three Cornered Copse. There is a profile of him on the Friends of Preston Park web site.



Subscriptions can now be paid at the Hove Park Cafe (see "About us" for details).


Gardening Group times

The start time has been changed to 1:30 pm.


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